Webinar - How to avoid the "Multi-Cloud Monster"
<span>Webinar - How to avoid the "Multi-Cloud Monster"</span>
 - date and time
Thursday, 29 October
11:00 - 12:00

Nowadays, everybody is talking about Multi-Cloud. But what does really stand behind it? How can I manage it? How to govern or monitor?


There are some obvious reasons why companies strive towards a Multi-Cloud, or even a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategy. But wherever there is light, there is also shadow.


Let Fujitsu Luxembourg's Head of Multi-Cloud Services Daniel Sahler, together with IBM's Sales Leader - Strategic Technologies, IBM Cloud & Cognitive Ecosystem, EMEA Pete Irving, bring you some light into the darkness.



- Multi-Cloud The Beauty and the Beast - 11 am 11.20 am Daniel Sahler Fujitsu

- IBMs Multi-Cloud Management offering - 11.20 am 11.35 am Pete Irving IBM

- Demo:  IBM Cloud Pak for Multi-Cloud Management - 11.35 am 11.50 am Pete Irving IBM

- Q&A 11.50 am 12 pm