WEBINAR | L-DIH Talks – Using all available data
<span>WEBINAR | L-DIH Talks – Using all available data</span>
 - date and time
Thursday, 4 June
15:00 - 16:00

Data is essential for executing all types of actions that have been discussed during the L-DIH Talks series. The 9th talk, which concludes this edition, will specifically address the use of data.

Industry 4.0 is in fact all about data. By collecting, processing and interpreting actionable data, it is possible to obtain information, knowledge and insights that facilitate decisions and make it possible to reach goals that cover the entire product life cycle – from ideation, prototyping and development to maintenance and production – and span across the whole value chain. The use of data is essential for achieving a distributed, collaborative and automated design and manufacturing workflow.

The guest speakers at this last L-DIH Talk will share their experience of using data for real-time planning and control aimed at optimising operations. They will also highlight the benefits of using integrated data platforms to facilitate the horizontal integration of different working groups.



  • Topic 1: Supply Chain 4.0 – Planning and control in real time   

Philipp Coenen, Senior Project Manager, STREMLER AG

  • Topic 2: The benefits of an integrated and governed data platform to tackle common use cases  

Yannick Bruck, CTO, Fujitsu Luxembourg

  • Topic 3: Innovation made easy thanks to AI and advanced analytics

Benjamin Hourte, Technology Director, EarthLab

  • Case Study: Digitalisation of process indicators at IEE

Fabian Leponce, Process Development & Optmization Manager, IEE