Trust and caring, key words at Fujitsu

Discover here the interview of Daniel Meyer, Talent Manager at Fujitsu:

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Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m Daniel, Talent Manager at Fujitsu Luxembourg and responsible for career and trainings management, as part of the Fujitsu University program. After a master’s degree in international business at ESCE Paris, I started my career at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (CGEY) as a business engineer, under the supervision of Thierry Voisin – mentor whose lessons have defined my career path. I have been working in Luxembourg for twenty years, where my international background is a great asset, mostly in the strategic advisory and IT, and for five years at Fujitsu; first, as a Service Delivery Manager, and now, as a Talent Manager.

What brought you to join Fujitsu?

My first contact with Fujitsu was made through a project as a Freelance. A friend who works at Fujitsu asked me for help in a project which was expected to be punctual and short-term. I could not refuse as I always help a friend in need. During this project, I discovered a company which not only has an innovative technological vision but had also been able to create a great work atmosphere, supporting employees in their ambitions and career development.

The people as well as the company’s values drove me to join Fujitsu and stay there. The working environment fostered by Marc Payal and Cédric Jadoul, the company’s directors, incites innovation, entrepreneurship spirit and idea exchanges with trust and caring. These conditions enable me to carry out my work in a good humor and confirm me that joining Fujitsu was one of the best choices of my career.

What are currently your assignments and challenges?

As a Talent Manager, my daily role consists in ensuring that each employee gets the support they need to thrive in their current assignment and benefits from the necessary trainings to reach the ambition of their subsequent career. In this context, two topics come back regularly: « upskilling » and « reskilling ».

The latter is especially important as the technological world evolves more and more quickly. As an employer, we consider that this is our duty to make sure each employee is confident that he has a long and prosperous career at Fujitsu Luxembourg. Currently in my direct teams, several consultants have been working at Fujitsu for more than 15 to 25 years, even 37.5 years for the most Senior of the team.  

Such fidelity to the company is only possible if the company takes care of its staff and invests continuously in professional fulfillment. This is my main assignment, and due to the criticality of this role, I have recently received the support from Ramona Gratianu, specialist in talent development.

How new collaborators onboarding takes place at Fujitsu?

We have an onboarding dedicated day where each employee receives a welcome pack, including not only goodies but also all the useful and vital information to start one’s path to success. Apart from human resources and their Manager, they will meet their « Career Advisor », who will be their facilitator/coach/mentor in the beginning phase as well as the following career path. After the onboarding, each employee of Fujitsu Luxembourg has a good grasp of our activities, knows their contact points and experts to call on if needed, and of course who are the colleagues they will work with. The human dimension is crucial for us, and we try to provide the best work conditions as possible from the first day.

How do you perceive the future of your profession?

I think developing talent, encouraging and supporting employees should be obvious for all employers. Yet, this is not systematically the case and it is an important differentiation factor for Fujitsu.

For us, it is important to invest in our employees, to listen to their ideas and to give them the possibility to thrive.

Find the original article in French on Dogfinance's website by clicking here