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We support and guide our customers in their transformation, from the first idea to the final release of the project.

Our vision is a ‘Human Centric Intelligent Society’, where everyone has access to intelligent services supported by a sophisticated but invisible infrastructure.

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Fujitsu Luxembourg - The difference

Our Co-creation and Design Thinking approaches allow to blend business expertise and digital technology to achieve a global thinking about how to transform the existing business, innovate with new services and shape a different future.

Based on our extensive knowledge and experiences on the multiple building blocks that can compose the Digital universe, we are able to help your business by providing a full-connected experience.

Our Co-creation and Design Thinking approaches allow to blend business expertise and digital technology to achieve a global thinking about how to transform the existing business, innovate with new services and shape a different future.

We live in an Application Driven World where users expect their business to be supported by reliable applications. We are entering a new era of digital transformation where legacy apps need to be modernized and integrated in a global new ecosystem.

Our catalog of services is expanding every day. From a set of leading SaaS solutions such as ServiceNow, to custom developed and managed assets as a service such as our Virtual Agents, we provide cutting-edge technologies and accelerators to your line of business needs.

Organizations are using automation to help them cut costs, increase efficiency, accelerate speed-to-market and achieve compliance. From planning your automation strategy, and aligning this to your broader digital vision, through connecting end-to-end processes, to artificial intelligence and cognitive capabilities, we’ll work with you to achieve rapid deployment, robust operation and governance.

Artificial Intelligence is a core offering at Fujitsu. Not only regarding advanced data science and modeling techniques but supporting our human-centric approach with cognitive capabilities for businesses daily activities. We can help companies predict the future, better understand their customer or bring live human like interactions to their tools and processes.

The IT world is moving fast, and a dozen of new solutions and approaches emerge every day. Our team of architects and experts conduct technology surveys, labs and POC in order to keep the pace and always think ahead. They lead the design and implementation of projects, but also advise and help companies deploy innovative or complex solutions.

As a key ICT integrator with focus on trust, data and data governance are key topics for Fujitsu. Starting with modern and agile BI services sustained by our co-creation approach, to enterprise data governance platforms, Fujitsu masters the data management and distribution across companies, as a solid foundation for AI and related innovation.

Moving workloads to the cloud and benefitting from computation power or shifted economical model is key in the digital transformation. Amongst various public cloud providers, provided infrastructure, capabilities and services, Fujitsu advises and helps businesses implement tailor-made balance for a hybrid cloud environment.

As a well-known manufacturer of peripherals, end-user devices, servers and storage, Fujitsu is a key player when it comes to deploying on-premises infrastructure. Combined with its integrator capabilities, Fujitsu is also able to advise and deliver partner products, providing a comprehensive portfolio of robust and innovative platforms for numerous usages.

Fujitsu Cyber Security Services provide essential security capabilities to customers, supporting their drive to protect information assets in the face of emerging strategic and operational business challenges. As a global Cyber Security organization and service integrator, Fujitsu provides Cyber Managed Security and Consultancy Services across the full delivery lifecycle.

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Fujitsu & Nvision have built together a global methodology (DigitalSphere™) to deliver end-to-end solutions in the digital market.

Digital transformation is not just a technological evolution; it is a user-centric approach. Indeed, the user with his uses and choices becomes the "driver" of the change. DigitalSphere™ is the result of many years of projects (more than 100) and proven experiences on the Luxembourg market. Check our case studies below!

Fujitsu - We work together

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