Human Centric Intelligent Society

Human Centric Intelligent Society

Fujitsu’s vision is one of a ‘Human Centric Intelligent Society’, where everyone has access to sophisticated services supported by a complex but invisible infrastructure. This is a unique approach to creating business and social innovation by empowering people with advanced technology.
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Fujitsu - Human Centric Intelligent Society
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Transform & Co-create the future

To compete and thrive in today’s landscape, companies need to empower their people with cutting-edge technologies for innovation, drive new levels of business insight and re-imagine their services and customer engagements.

Thriving in this era means evolving, transforming and learning to create value at tremendous speed. Now, more than ever, the best way to do that is together.

Technology and Services Vision

The Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision sets out our vision and provides insights business leaders and the public sector on how they can use ICT to create innovation and build a different future.

Working in ways that build trust is a vital part of realizing our vision of the future. We aim to reach a safer, more prosperous and sustainable society. We call this Human Centric Intelligent Society. It is one thing to set out an ambitious vision, but we recognize that we cannot do it alone. This is why collaboration has always been at the heart of our approach.

Diagram illustrating Fujitsu's technology and service vision, with text on the use of ICT for innovation and the concept of a human-centred intelligent society through collaboration
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An “Intelligent Society” approach is our way to look at the world, find new ways and develop solutions. We focus on «Human Truth» and track down the most effective levers between people and companies.

In today’s complex world, trust has become a big challenge. As a service oriented company, we work with our clients as partners at eye level and combine our competencies to become a powerful unit and contribute to realizing a sustainable world.

The focus on humans and empowering them through their use of technology will be crucial as technology becomes ubiquitous in our lives. In this new digital society, digital co-creation becomes a business standard.

Sustainable development

Our vision is aligned with the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are contributing to the achievement of the SDGs through the achievement of a Human Centric Intelligent Society.

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Fujitsu initiatives for the SDGs:

Fujitsu - SDG2


Sustainable food and

Fujitsu - SDG3


Well-being in an aging
society and eradication
of difficult deseases

Fujitsu - SDG8


Promotion of innovation and
human-centric way of work

Fujitsu - SDG9


Intelligent industrialization
by shaping ecosystem

Fujitsu - SDG11

SDG 11

Realization of better
urban mobility and
resilient cities

Fujitsu - SDG13

SDG 13

Achievement of zero CO2
emissions and contribution to a
de-carbonized society

Discover the Power of Digital Revolution: Transforming Businesses for a Sustainable Future!

Illustration symbolizing digital revolution for sustainable business, featuring Fujitsu and IBM logos

In recent years, most businesses have embraced new technology, undergoing a digital transformation to improve their operations. Now is the time to go a step further and undertake a sustainability transformation that comprises both social and environmental aspects. How do we go about that?

Digital solutions are precious allies in achieving our goal. Business reporting tools help gather and analyse data, offering a clear picture of where strengths lie and pinpointing opportunities for improvement.

Solutions vary from field to field. Your business may benefit from virtual agents to relieve staff of boring, repetitive tasks, cloud services to reduce energy consumption, blockchain technology to foster transparency and trust, cybersecurity to protect data, green UX design elements to build responsible, energy-efficient platforms, or artificial intelligence to analyse and optimise your procedures.

Companies that embark on a sustainability transformation reap many benefits. A more ethical workplace improves employee satisfaction. They attract customers who are concerned about environmental and social issues. Most important, in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions they have a positive impact on the environment and on society, by preserving natural resources and creating a fairer economy. In short, these companies are helping to build a better future for all of us.

Find out how you can help change the world by harnessing the power of digital technology. Together, let’s step up and play our part.