Fujitsu Luxembourg's new methodology

Did you know? Fujitsu Luxembourg has developed a brand-new approach to bring you its best expertise on your digitalization projects from the idea generation to the selection and implementation of technological solutions. This approach enables you to create a whole project from A to Z and according to your specific needs. Whatever stage you are at regarding your digital transformation, Fujitsu can guide you in the process. We can help you ask yourself the right questions thanks to our various services and our dedicated experts.
  1. Build your strategy

The Digital Business Accelerator helps you to ask yourself the right questions before you start your digitalisation journey.

Usually, digitalisation also means a restructuration of your processes as the evolution of your operational model is key to drive your digital transformation. In order to bring the adequate projects to life, you need to repeatedly rethink your transformation to adapt yourself to the market expectations and to your ecosystem. This reflection is based on the four major pillars: people, tools, mindset, and process. This is how you understand how your company works and how to turn your problems into solutions.

Thanks to his experience and his knowledge of the market, Sébastien Wileczeck, Head of Digital Business Consulting, will guide you through various workshops, discussions and analysis with your IT and business teams to design your complete roadmap. This includes a thorough reflection on your current business model and situation, a determination of your goals basing yourself on the concept of total experience, that is, the symbiosis between the client and the employee’s experience. These corresponding to meet the client’s expectations together with your employee’s expectations to deliver them the best experience as possible.

  1. Experiment your ideas

Based on your project, your business goals, and your technical and legal constraints, we will help you to choose the most adequate technological solution. To ensure that you have made the right choice, we have introduced various labs in the Experience Studio related to Cloud, Data, AI, Hyperautomation or Cybersecurity, where you can experience one or several technologies within your ecosystem.

Indeed, to increase the successfulness of your project before its implementation, we think testing your ideas is essential. Thanks to the Experience Studio, you can directly test the viability and desirability of your project thanks to proof of concepts and prototypes with your actual users (whether they are customers or employees) and collect feedbacks. Laura Mathieu, Head of Experience Studio and expert in User Experience/User Interface will guide you through the process.

In a few weeks, you obtain concrete results and from this testing, you can deduce what improvements could be undertaken and if you need to reorientate your initial idea. Once you have found the right balance between the users’ needs, your business needs and the adequate technological choice, you can proceed to implementation.

  1. Implement & maintain your projects

We develop for you, or with your teams, your project in an agile way. Thanks to our technology agnosticism, we will help you choose the best technology according to your project. Whatever technology you have chosen, we will also handle with you the implementation of your project. Our dedicated teams can implement a broad range of solutions including Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Hyperautomation, Custom Apps & Platforms, Virtual Agents, etc.

This includes the development but also the implementation of the adequate infrastructure and the insurance of a secure environment for your project.

  1. Improve your ideas

Congratulations your product is on the market! We are sure that you still have a lot of ideas and projects that you would like to develop. As earlier-stated, you need to repeatedly rethink your transformation to adapt yourself to the market expectations and to your ecosystem. Fujitsu is ready to analyse the situation with you and make your company even more digitally mature.

Whatever stage you are at regarding your digital transformation, reach us to tell us more about your situation and your projects.